Readers ask: What Are Antiques For In Suikoden?

What do I do with antiques in Suikoden?

Go to the appraiser, the earliest one can be found in Gregminster, or Kouan if you’re past Kwaba. These items can be placed in your bath or just for selling.

How do you get the s statue in Suikoden 3?

You need an S statue. You can get one by fighting treasure bosses.

How do I recruit Tetsu?

Tetsu can be recruited a bit earlier through the Matilda Glitch, As soon as the highland have taken over Muse. Player should travel through the path between Greenhill-Matilda then Two-River (You can also recruit Hans in the 2nd floor of Inn in the Human’s District with this method) to finally reach Lakewest.

How do you recruit Viki in Suikoden 3?

Enter the Mountain Path from Karaya Village and allow her to stay at Budehuc Castle to recruit her.

How do you get Belle in Suikoden 3?

Belle and Gadget Z can be recruited by finding Gadget Z’s missing screw on Plain Amur. It’s always in the possession of a monster. Once found, simply talk to her again and tell her about Budehuc Castle.

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How do you get Shilo in Suikoden 2?

All you have to do is win a total of 5000 potch. Bet the max-which is 3000-and hope you win. If you roll any 3 of a kind (other than three 1’s), you’ll win triple, which means you’ll have earned more than the 5000 necessary to recruit Shilo. If you roll 4-5-6, you’ll earn twice your bet back.

Where are the fried tacos in Suikoden 2?

Fried Tacos can be bought at the Kobold Area of Two River City.

How do you get Bob in Suikoden 2?

Role in the Game Speak to Bob in the Kobold section of Two River after your castle is at level 3 and you have recruited at least 80 stars.

What order should I play Suikoden 3?

I’d say its Hugo 1, Chris 1, Geddoe 1, Chris 2, Hugo 2, Geddoe 2, Thomas 1, Thomas 2, Chris 3, Hugo 3 and Geddoe 3. This, but I would save the Thomas chapters till a little later. Those chapters need more grinding than any other chapter, tenfold. Might as well save them and do it big in one go.

How do you get the blinking mirror in Suikoden 2?

After you made an alliance with the Toran Republic, President Lepant will give you a Blinking Mirror as a sign of good will.

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